Why an EAP?

Whether it’s trying to raise a teenager, care for an aging parent, or dealing with a marital problem, today’s employees are often facing a long list of pressures from home and work.  The longer those issues go unresolved, the more work performance can suffer, which costs tens of millions of dollars each year.

That’s why responsible companies are turning to Employee Assistance programs.  It’s no secret that unresolved issues translate into diminished job performance.  Quality and quantity of work deteriorate.  Absenteeism and tardiness increase, as do workers’ compensation, disability, and medical claims.

When asked, many owners and managers say their employees are their greatest assets.  Investing in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) allows employees to seek confidential assistance – improved quality of life for the employee and his or her family members is a priceless benefit.

For confidential help call:


Back on Track – Employee Assistance Program

311 Rouser Rd. Moon Township, PA  15108
Administrative Office Phone: 1-888-899-1100

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