EAP Benefits

A Healthy Workforce is Synonymous with a Healthy Company

Unresolved personal issues translate into diminished job performance, affecting a company’s bottom line. Quality and quantity of work deteriorate. Absenteeism and tardiness increase; as do medical, disability and workers’ compensation claims. However, providing access to an EAP helps employees address personal challenges such as relationship conflicts, stress, anxiety, grief, and substance use.

Back on Track EAP can help the employer reduce human and economic loss. Prevention and intervention results in lower absenteeism and presenteeism, reduced turnover, increased productivity and enhanced employee engagement. Additionally, cost savings are associated with workplace safety risk management, risk prevention from crisis events, positive changes in organizational culture, improved morale and recruitment.

Back on Track EAP will work collaboratively with human resources and other company stakeholders to promote a healthier workforce by making services visible, responsive and management-friendly. Statistically one in four employees should utilize an EAP.

Workforce Benefits

24/7 Access

  • Warm-touch helpline
  • Online portal of resources to hundreds of searchable topics and live chat with a clinician

Life Convenience Benefits

  • Free 30-min. legal and/or financial consultations
  • Connect with area providers for child, senior or pet care needs

Comprehensive Clinical Support

  • Unlimited clinical consultations and case management
  • Referrals to a treatment provider within our vetted network based on a participant’s needs, location, insurance, availability and other preferences such as gender of the therapist
  • Covered sessions with a counselor/provider based on employer preference
  • Tele-video counseling option with the use of a smart device or computer with camera capability

Personal and Professional Growth

  • Referrals to life coach services focusing on self-care, goal setting and much more
  • Two on-site trainings for staff or management, determined by needs of the workforce or industry
  • Access to quarterly webinars focusing on trending topics from personal matters to company practices
  • Skill builder and emotional support seminars through the EAP website

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

  • On-site critical incident response by a certified CISM therapist or response team – one incident up to eight hours included
  • Additional incidents will be fee for service and vary based on need

Additional EAP Benefits for the Employer

  • Dedicated account manager to assist with employer needs
  • On-site orientation for staff to understand how to access services
  • Supervisor trainings to help management identify a troubled employee and know how to respond
  • Access to tools to help share EAP services with employees
  • Circumstantial coaching through discipline issues
  • Unlimited mandatory referrals to the EAP for staff to address issues as part of a Last Chance Agreement in the employer’s progressive discipline policy
  • Quarterly and annual utilization reporting

Back on Track – Employee Assistance Program

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Administrative Office Phone: 412-604-8900 ext.1331

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